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Tag: Maria MAcAndrew

Kgale Hill Baboons, Tears, Muscles and a ‘Big Engine’: My Epic Kgale Hill Climb Adventure!

A Journey of a Thousand Miles……. If there are ever people born with a bone for exercise, shame on them for looting everything leaving us couch potatoes with nothing. Us, who have to wrestle with our own willpower, excavating mountains of motivation just to pry ourselves off the sofa and commit to a mere 2…
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Tokenism Diversity: Are We Merely Ticking Boxes?

Diversity and inclusion have become buzzwords that organizations use to show that they have ‘embraced’ this new way of thinking, but many critics believe that this approach does not go far enough to change people’s behavior or truly create a culture of acceptance and belonging in the workplace. One of the biggest issues when it…
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