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Elizabeth is a young mother from a tiny village in Ecuador. She has been making a living selling handmade jewelry at her local market. Everything was going well for Elizabeth until 2020. Elizabeth came face to face with the most horrifying news. Coronavirus had reached her tiny village. The government was forcing them to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus.

Without notice, Elizabeth found herself unable to run her business. She could not sell her wares or travel to look for part-time employment. She had to stay at home with her children, to help her country limit the spread of COVID-19. She had to learn to teach her daughter from home. How was she supposed to cope? Not only was she supposed to tutor her daughter, but she had to purchase a computer for her daughter’s online classes.

The currents COVID-19 crisis has affected organizations and individuals alike. The already struggling families are the heaviest hit. Several individuals have lost their jobs. Small organizations have had to shut their doors. Artisans and small businesses are finding it tough to sell their handmade products. What can ordinary citizens like you and me do to support individuals like Elizabeth and their households?

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Our Mission

Exquisite handicrafts made by skilled artisans often have limited distribution. Many very talented craftsmen are unaware of—or don’t have access to—the larger market that exists worldwide. A lot of these skilled workers are single or widowed women who are the sole support for their families. World Gifts seeks out these local artisans and helps them rebrand and market their products making their work available to a wider market online. 

Our aim is to help these communities of artisans turn their small subsistence businesses into sustainable and successful businesses.  Our team is currently building a platform, a free global marketplace dedicated to creative and handmade products. This platform seeks to connect these small businesses with millions of buyers across the globe.

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Together let us build a sustainable community of creative artisans. Let us empower creative expression while eliminating poverty and inequalities, improving the quality of life for all.

Through we can:

  • Provide a marketplace for artisans to sell their creative work.
  • Connect them with clients and mentors from around the world.
  • Connect with people from different cultures.

Do you remember when someone believed in you enough to hire? Do you recall when a first customer believed in your product and made that first purchase? Your first contract, your first investor? How did it feel? Remember your first paycheck? How was the experience? We can light up the world and give these artisans their first experience of an online purchase. It all begins with you today.

Join us. Together let us help these communities use what they have and what they know to navigate past current economic challenges.

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