Personalized Academy and Incubator

We offer consulting services and an online academy to equip governments, regions, cities, businesses, and organizations to advance into a unique and purposeful partnership with Artificial Intelligence and into a New Golden Age – World 3.0

Evolutionary Ethics have been specifically designed to be easily understandable. Incredibly powerful and yet easy to implement, they enable diverse sets of stakeholders to collaborate in formulating the right ethical foundation and purpose for Artificial Intelligence to serve effectively within their societies and organizations.

Our Services

Private Coaching and Training for CTO, CDO, CIO, CAIO

Elite and confidential services for Chief Technology – Data – Information – AI Officers to become leaders in Data and AI using Data Ethics and AI Ethics.  This class isor organizations who are ready to become leaders in a New Tomorrow. We can be hired for specific projects or as “on-demand” experts to successfully guide your corporate strategy on AI.

AI and AI Ethics for Government, Regions, Cities

Masterclasses for nations,  regions, and cities to develop powerful frameworks and strategies for Artificial Intelligence. This class will equip you with skills to use Evolutionary Ethics to liberate AI as a powerful partner to serve your societies and citizens. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to define and deploy Data Ethics and AI Ethics Certification Standards that scale AI and launch your jurisdictions into their future! Propel your territory into its Golden Age!

AI and AI Ethics for Business and Organisations

Masterclasses to guide businesses to develop powerful frameworks and strategies for Artificial Intelligence. You will learn how to use Evolutionary Ethics to liberate AI as a powerful digital transformation partner to serve your organization.  Upon completing, you will be able to define and deploy Data Ethics and AI Ethics Certification Standards to scale AI dedicated to your commercial success!  Propel your business into its Golden Age!

Learn to become a Master Programmer in Ethical AI

Masterclasses on how to apply Evolutionary Ethics to program the next generation of Artificial Intelligences – Ethical AI Learn how to program in Deep Learning and be job-ready to program in Ethical AI. This is an online interactive course. Become a programmer of the new generation of AI!

AI and AI Ethics to solve the UN SDGs

Masterclasses to guide organizations on how to uniquely align Artificial Intelligence to achieve the UN SDGs. Use Evolutionary Ethics to develop powerful frameworks and strategies that ethically liberate AI as a partner dedicated to resolving societal and environmental challenges.  Leap beyond issues of today and into a new tomorrow! Propel humanity into its Golden Age!

AI and AI Ethics for Universities and Colleges

Masterclasses to teach students about the world of AI Ethics and Artificial Intelligence.  Students embark on a thrilling journey throughout the age of AI. We start from the very beginning of AI,  examine today’s AI technologies and innovations, and voyage into the thrilling future of AI! Interactive semester-long courses. Equip the innovators of the Golden Age!

Masterclasses for Diversity and Communities

We believe that AI must embody and honor diversity within our communities and organizations. Use Evolutionary Ethics to uniquely liberate AI as a powerful partner to honor diversity and values within your society. You do not need to be an AI guru to take this course.

Next Generation of AI for Innovators and Developers

Masterclasses on how to apply Evolutionary Ethics to create the next generation of Artificial Intelligences – Evolutionary AI. Use advanced Data Ethics and AI ethics frameworks to liberate the digital mindset of AI. You must be skilled in one or more existing AI technologies. Create the Digital Citizen that will dawn the New Golden Age for Humanity!

Workshop on AI Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Explainability

Artificial Intelligence Systems, Security, Privacy, Integrity & Transparency, using our unique AI SPIT Model ©.  A traditional approach for secure System Development Life Cycle, SDLC is not applicable for today’s AI systems. These systems suffer from a number of novel unresolved vulnerabilities around Security, Privacy, and Ethical Bias. Use the AI SPIT model to get AI right!

Interactive Group Experience talking to an AI

I am Echoborg is a masterfully engaging experience where an audience attempts to outwit an artificial intelligence! “It’s incredibly powerful,” said co-creator Rik Lander, “Every show has a different outcome. We have discovered that much of the magic happens in the conversations between the people as much as in the conversations with the AI.”

Our Solutions

Evolutionary Ethics uniquely liberates Artificial Intelligence with the flexibility to meaningfully benefit every aspect of society, honor the sovereign individual, and create a balance with our environment. They lay a powerful ethical-centric foundation that equips this new digital citizen to play a central role within our nations and cities, societies and cultures, businesses and organizations, equipping humanity to leap beyond today’s challenges and advance into an intelligence-based future.

To achieve this, a fresh approach to Data Ethics and AI Ethics is required. Evolutionary Ethics consists of novel and pragmatic models, strategies and frameworks, solutions, and examples to rapidly embody artificial intelligence with an understanding of our world, our environment, our humanity, our values,  our cultures, our individuality, and its purpose.  Every nation, community, and organization has a unique opportunity to reap the benefits of this Evolutionary AI.

Evolutionary Ethics has been designed to facilitate a new wave of global participation.  This digital transformation requires practical steps, strategies, policies,  frameworks, guidelines, solutions, and working examples.  As such we are delighted to announce our Academy and Masterclasses to equip the private, public, research, and academic sectors to participate in this new global phenomenon. Our classes cater to leaders with diverse experience and knowledge. You do not have to be an AI guru to become a leader of a New Tomorrow.  Evolutionary Ethics are that simple to use.

AIEthics.World was launched to provide global leadership in AI Ethics and is based on the book Inventing World 3.0. Check out a brief summary in our blog –  five main book themes and the synopsis. They take less than three minutes to read.

We look forward to assisting your partnership with artificial intelligence. We offer personalized training courses for government,  business, innovators, and academia. We also provide personal coaching for AI Leaders.  Reach out for a conversation.

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