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I am a writer, Social Impact Entrepreneur, and AI ethics, Diversity, and Inclusion, advocate. I have strong interests in artificial intelligence and AI ethics. As part of my core mission,  I passionately advocate for fair practices and equal opportunity for everyone in artificial intelligence (AI).

I am a world traveler who has embarked on a global journey to learn about various communities, cultures, needs, and opportunities.  In what I call Strategic Ethical Philanthropy, I assist in the development of systems that benefit society. I also fulfill my storytelling passion by writing, editing, and managing book projects.

Aside from my current research on beta cell regeneration for diabetes remission, I am interested in and focused on:

  • How technology can be used to create new jobs for low-skilled workers
  • How diversity and inclusion help to drive corporate innovation
  • Devising new strategies to ensure that everyone has equal access to opportunities, particularly in the AI and tech industries

In all of our efforts, we need to look for ways to ensure that underdeveloped communities have the opportunity to grow and evolve, catching up with current technological advancements. No one should be left behind.


The Journey Continues

My background in Computer Sciences piqued my interest in artificial intelligence. AI plays a major role in societal development. Seeing how bias in AI systems has the potential to widen existing fissures in socio-economics, my passion for diversity and inclusion and ethical AI practices was ignited. My goal is to ensure there is ethical consideration, full representation, accountability, and awareness in the research, design, training, and deployment of AI and technology systems, ensuring these systems represent and benefit a diverse population.

I currently serve on the Board of AI Ethics World Academy as Head of Diversity and Communities. AI Ethics World Academy provides innovation and incubation services as well as personalized Masterclasses using a unique framework for Data Ethics, AI Ethics, and AI, for organizations to achieve a successful partnership with Artificial Intelligence.

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Head of Diversity and Communities at AI Ethics World

We use Evolutionary Ethics to uniquely liberate AI as a powerful partner to honor diversity and values within your society.

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Co Founder and COO at

We use Evolutionary Ethics to uniquely liberate AI as a powerful partner to honor diversity and values within your society.

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Adashe is the first definitive cryptocurrency for the space economy.

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